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45 thoughts on “Burano Island: A Symphony of Colors”

  1. What a wonderful place! Thank for your amazing pictures – I will definitely find a chance to visit Burano. By the way, is it always quiet with not many tourists like this?

    1. Actually, we were there quite early, around 10:00 if I remember correctly 🙂 At noon, when we left, the island was fully packed with tourists.

  2. I have been in Burano and I was surprised how beautiful it is in reality)) I didn’t expect it to look same great as on the pictures you see in the internet 😀

    1. I recommend you go there in spring or summer. Because winter in Venice is rainy and quite cold, except you want to participate in Carnival. It is cool too, the Italians really invest a lot in their costumes 🙂

      1. Nice! Yes, I may have to hold out until next Spring to go so we can fully enjoy it. Right now Rome is quite cold and rainy as well.

  3. Burano is one of my dream destinations, it’s just too beautiful to be true! Thank you for sharing this great article! 🙂

    1. Many thanks! I am glad that you like them 🙂 Very few of us (the amateur photographers) can make good photos at the first few times. I also have tons of “ugly” pictures, and even now, my photos are far from perfect. But through practising, I learned how to choose the correct angle, the light, etc. Practice makes perfect! So keep practising, you will be able to do it as well 😉

  4. Beautiful picture. I love when small coater homes are brightly colored. They pop out with beauty bring out the child in me.God knows how many such pictures I have taken.

  5. That place is out of this world beautiful. Your photos are amazing and it is definitely worth waking up early to enjoy these views without the crowds. 🙂

  6. Stunning pix of a superbly colourful island that does make you blink twice. I thought it was out of a child’s crayon-colour book, but in a most charming way. 🙂

  7. Beautiful! these quaint colorful houses exudes such individualism yet very unique.You really captured the beauty of Burano. I wonder why it´s so empty and no people around? or this place is not so touristy as Venice?

    1. It’s also a tourist attraction. But be there before 10:00 AM, and you will have the island for yourself 🙂 During my trip, the island was really busy at noon.

  8. Hey Len!
    This location looks like a cross between Venice and Mexico! I love their use of colour. Interesting that the Council governs the use of colour and it looks like they try to keep to colour harmonies too. Intriguing.

    1. Well, I think they have some control here. I didn’t see two adjacent houses have the same colour. Perhaps there is a set of colours. If someone wants to repaint the house, he/she has to choose a colour that differs from the neighbours. Italian artistic skill is admirable 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Amanda.

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