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27 thoughts on “Namsan: Autumn in the South Mountain”

      1. How long did you spend in Korea? Did you go to the military zone between North and South?
        I have been doing a few short trips in Aus… Now in Hong Kong. Maybe thinking of Vietnam sometime (will dig out your previous posts for inspiration!) 😊😊

      2. Is autumn a good time to visit Hong Kong? I visited Hong Kong when I was 13-14. Hardly remember anything, except the unbearable heat. I spent 2 weeks in Korea. I was in Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Also took a mini-trip to Seoraksan National Park. A very beautiful place, especially in autumn. During my trip, all tours to Panmunjom were suspended as they were prepared for a meeting or something like that.

      3. Absolutely, early/mid November is the best time. After the typhoon season and before winter sets in. But it’s soo crowded, not great for people with claustrophobia.
        2 weeks is a long time, you must have had a very in-depth tour! I hear Jeju is beautiful, pls post about that in the future. Panmunjom would have been an interesting experience.

  1. Wow incredible photos as always Len! I can never be tired of autumn photos. Autumn looks beautiful in South Korea. My favorite photo is the one with TV tower. Did you take that panorama of Seoul from the tower?

    1. Nope, I made it at the peak of Namsan 🙂 There was a huge crowd in front of the tower, so I skipped it. Besides, it would be difficult to make photos from the top of the tower. Everything would be too small, and there were the (dirty) windows.

  2. Sooo beautiful! I didn’t have enough time to go to Namsan, and now I really regret it. But my visit was a very short one anyway and it was mostly cloudy during my stay in Seoul. I guess next time I go to the South Korean capital I should time my visit with the peak of autumn foliage. It must have been really cold, though?

    1. Not really. It was 6-7 Celsius degree. But it was sunny, so I didn’t feel cold at all. If you want to keep yourself warm, you can hike the mountain 🙂 I saw some people do it, only wearing short and a light jacket.

  3. Beautifully captured and written! I’ve always missed visiting Namsan in autumn. I know it’s so strange because we’re barely 30 minutes away from there. 🙂 I hope we don’t have distancing this autumn. 🙁

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