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10 thoughts on “The Mark of Empires in Delhi”

  1. Your photos from the Indian capital are brilliant! Which month did you go? I noticed if you go in the ‘wrong’ time, all you’ll get is a city blanketed in thick smoke. With so much history, I think I can easily spend a week in Delhi!

    1. Definitely! I had three days there but could only see the main sights. All the attractions/parks are larger than I expected.

      I was there two weeks ago 🙂 Just the end of monsoon season, but before Diwali. The temperature is about 30 degree but it was less humid than in SEA.

  2. I am so glad you got beautiful blue skies! Right now the city is covered in post-Diwali smog. 🙁 Am happy you got to explore Delhi. Where else did you visit whilst in India?

    1. I completed the Golden Triangle, plus Ranthambore (for the tigers) and Gwalior (for the fort). Your blog helps me a lot when planning. Thank you, Rama! 🙂

      Most of the time the weather was good. Some afternoon downpours contributed to the clear sky. I only encountered fog/smog in Agra. The Taj still looks magnificent though.

  3. Fascinating Len. I spent time in Delhi a few years back and went to India Gate, and to Humayun’s Tomb, so I’m glad to find out a little more about them. Humayun’s Tomb is quite magnificent. As are your photos.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Alison 🙂 The tomb is indeed amazing. Perfect symmetry (even my camera confirmed that) and the garden is gorgeous. But to my surprise, most people didn’t go there. They only walked on the main path to the tomb and left. Good for me, but it’s such a pity 🙂

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