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12 thoughts on “Hanover: What to see in the Capital of Lower Saxony?”

  1. It needs some courage to write about Hannover today which used to be the capital of a small kingdom long time ago. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You welcome! If I remember correctly there was a time that the monarchs from the House of Hanover even ruled the British Empire. Marriage surely brought benefit at that time 🙂

      1. In the golden times of monarchies in Europe nationality was not such a great topic like today. The husband of the actual British Queen a German but with deep roots in Greece, and now a Britain. Royalistic migrants!

      2. I think globalization has a deep root, and migrants weren’t an issue in the centuries past. In fact, if there were no migrants, Europe would be a wasteland after the Black Death and all the wars. But now, as the world is more connected, they started raising question about national identity. How strange! 🙂

  2. What I like about Europe is that every town/city has its own story and rich history. I didn’t even know Hanover was for Cebit, thanks for the education. The fireworks are awesome! 😊

    1. It was indeed an amazing show! But it was only the first round of an international firework competition. I wonder how great the Finale looks like 🙂

  3. Many years ago now I was in Hanover at a World Expo (working). Spent quite some time there but never got to have a proper look around the city. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reading about how many historic buildings in Germany (and other countries) were damaged during WWII always makes me sad, but learning about their reconstruction is encouraging — it makes me think of cities in war-torn countries today. When the war is over and peace returns, there’s always hope that destroyed monuments can be rebuilt to its original appearance.

  5. Hanover looks lovely! I’ve hardly spent any time in Germany and would love to explore more. Clearly there things in/near Hanover worth seeing – especially that Great Garden!

    1. Thank you, Alison 🙂 If possible, you should include the firework show in the plan. I’ve seen many performances, but the one at the Great Garden is truly spectacular.

      Personally, I think you can spend weeks to explore Germany. There is a huge difference between regions, in term of culture and landscape.

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