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24 thoughts on “Himeji Castle: The Beautiful White Heron”

  1. I loved the Himeji castle, but the highlight of my Himeji trip was Mt. Shosha. It was quiet and lovely, and what I was expecting of a temple complex. I definitely recommend anyone visiting Himeji to spare half a day for the castle and half a day for Mt Shosha to balance the hustle and tranquil.

    1. Thanks for your information, Pelin! I haven’t been there but I just googled it. It looks like a perfect place to get relaxed 🙂

  2. I remember seeing the castle from the train, from the train station, and as my friend and I were walking down the main avenue leading to it. Such an imposing monument, indeed. Your photos bring back some good memories, Len.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bama! Before visiting, I thought that Himeji Castle and Osaka Castle would be of the same size. But I was wrong. In comparision to Osaka Castle, the one in Himeji is indeed a giant 🙂

  3. This is hands down one of my favorite historical sites in all of Japan. 🙂 My first time at Himeji Castle was on a family vacation many years ago, before the latest restoration, when we did a half-day trip from Osaka during cherry blossom season. Then I returned in October 2016 with Bama as part of his first-ever trip to Japan. It was just as beautiful and impressive as I’d remembered, but the roof tiles looked brand new and the whole structure seemed to glow in the sunlight.

    1. Totally agree! The castle looks absolutely stunning on a sunny day 🙂 I was impressed by the skill of the Japanese architectures as well. I wonder how they could build such a complex structure without any guidance or machine.

    1. It must be wonderful! Image the cherry blossoms framing the white castle. When I was there, the flowers has started falling due to the unexpected heatwave 🙁 There was only one tree that is still in full bloom.

    1. My pleasure! It’s not so bad here. The disease is still under control, with only 85 cases (most are imported cases) and 0 death. There is neither panic buying nor lock-down. People can still go out for shopping or cafe, but we have to wear maskes and avoid contact as much as possible 🙂

  4. Hi Len, how’s everything in Vietnam? It’s grown to such global proportions it is very very unsettling… Are people still going to work or school as per usual? Hope you stay well!

    1. Thanks for asking, Jolene! It’s still pretty calm here. Until today, we are able to keep the number low, with 91 cases and 0 death. Thanks to early detection, we didn’t let the virus spread. No panic buying or curfew. But school has been closed for weeks. Bars, cinemas and theatres have followed suit since last week.

      But things might change in the next few weeks as more and more VNese from UK, US and EU come back, bringing the virus with them. Of the 91 cases, 80 are imported from those countries 🙁

      How about you? Things are still under control in Sydney?

      1. That’s great, it’s amazing how your government has really controlled it early. Enforcing early lockdown is the only proven way to go.
        Australia is way behind other western countries. We are already 1,000 and it’s yet to peak. They are turning away people who want to be tested because our health system can’t cope. Our schools and workplaces are still open which is baffling. You may have seen headlines in the last few days that because some workplaces have sent people home to work, they just turn up on our beaches rather than self-isolate! People have no sense of social responsibility… Italy is a case in point. It’s so sad what’s happening in Europe, hope your friends in Germany are coping OK.

      2. Yeah, I have heard about the brainless action at Bondi Beach. Stupidity surely has no limit 🙁

        Last week, my relatives and friends in Germany were panic because they saw no action from the government. They are a bit relaxed now thanks to all the travel restrictions. But the number keeps increasing. Hope they don’t become the 2nd Italy…

      3. I think America has become the second Italy… and Spain’s not far behind! Vietnam seems like a safe haven in comparison.

      4. For now 🙂 I hope the sistuation won’t get worse. My hometown Saigon has just closed the airspace, because our quarantines cannot cope with the influx of people from Europe and US.

  5. Được xem bên trong lâu đài và nếu được chụp ảnh thì cô sẽ tìm đến. Hy vọng sẽ đến năm 2021. Cám ơn Len đã viết bài này.

    1. Dạ, lâu đài này thực sự đáng để xem đó cô. Về quy mô thì phải nói là nhất nhì Nhật Bản. Tuy vào bên trong lâu đài có hơi đông và mất thời gian, nhưng phải vào mới thấy sự khéo léo của kiến trúc sư thời xưa 🙂

  6. A wonderful write up of Himeji castle, Len. I have seen and heard many people visiting this castle, and from its historical significance, no surprise it is a popular attraction. It does sound strategically built with its unfurnished floors and labyrinth-like layout. It’s great to hear a limited number of visitors are allowed to enter at one time – not too crowded and hopefully one can have the experience of a lifetime. Hope you are doing alright over there in Vietnam and take care.

    1. Many thanks, Mabel! I’m getting used to the “new norm” in VN. Mask, temperature check, and health declaration are inconvenient, but it’s necessary atm. I hope you are doing fine as well 😀

      I must admit Himeji was still very crowded despite the limitation. However, it was pretty organised. So I could see everything without pushing through people. But after the pandemic, I guess the ticket system has to change. Perhaps less people and longer waiting time.

    1. Yes, I did 😛 The last theme is good, but it’s not flexible enough. I can only use rectangular featured images. The homepage is a bit gloomy as well.

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