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17 thoughts on “Kōyasan: A Trip to the Sacred Mountain”

  1. It looks beautiful, and so peaceful! It’s so crazy to me that Japan can have some of the most highly-developed, densely-populated urban centers in the world and not 50 km away there are tranquil forests.

  2. I didn’t have enough time to visit Koyasan during my trip in Japan back in October 2016. With such beautiful temples and natural landscape, and many other unique and interesting things, Japan really is a special place I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of. Thanks for highlighting this tranquil place! Next time I’m in Osaka I’ll make sure not to give Koyasan a miss.

    1. Definitively not! Although Koyasan is just 50 kilometres from Osaka, it does feel like a different world. One more tip: if you miss the sakura season in the city, you might catch it up in Koyasan 🙂 Because of its cold weather, the cheery blossoms there bloom later than in Osaka or Kyoto.

  3. Wow what a beautiful place. It looks incredibly peaceful by the pictures. Spring might have been just the best time to visit such a place. The more I read about Japan, the more I want to revisit. I love the striking orange of the pagoda against the clear blue sky in your photo of the pagoda! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Pooja! It’s one of my most favourite photos as well. I think Koyansan looks great year round, even in winter. Imagine the orange pagoda on a white background or the ancient cemetery covered in snow 🙂

    1. Indeed! I am glad that I included Koyasan in my itinerary. So beautiful and peaceful. Another advantage is the cold weather. It delays the blooming of the cherry blossoms 🙂

    1. Same here. At first, I thought it was just a mountainous town with not much to see. But I was wrong. Koyasan is simply fascinating!

    1. Actually, it was the end of the sakura season in Kansai region. All the cherry blossom trees in Osaka and Kyoto started getting leaves. But in Koya, the weather is colder. That’s why some trees were still in bloom 😀

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