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15 thoughts on “Houtong: Welcome to Taiwan’s Cat Village”

  1. Ohhh I’ll be in a feline heaven if I go here! I love cats, although in recent years I begin to love dogs as well. But if I had to choose I’d definitely pick cats. It’s nice that those cats in this village are being taken care of by the locals and some veterinarians. Although you also mentioned about the downside of having the latter. If you love cats that much, you will enjoy Istanbul (and probably Turkey in general). The cats are fluffy and well-fed there. I also heard that Greece is also a good place to be a cat.

    1. Thanks for the tips, Bama! I will surely have a close look, when I visit these two countries 🙂 I love cats, because they are unpredictable. They do a lot of weird stuff :3

  2. I’m a real cat lady…just love them, but hubby is allergic so unfortunately we can’t keep one as a pet. It’s so great that these cats are taken care of but a shame that some people act so irresponsibly. My sister just got back from Morocco and she sent me tons of lovely cat photos and mentioned that most looked healthy.

    1. Cool! It looks like people around the Mediterranean Sea really loves cat :3 In the previous comment, Bama – a fellow blogger just mentioned that Turkey and Greece are also destinations for cat lovers. Thinking about that, I rarely see cats in other parts of Europe. Perhaps, they are kept indoor due to the weather 🙂 How about Canada?

      1. We have some cats wandering around in the neighbourhood but most tend to be indoor cats. The weather is a factor but even a bigger one is the coyotes.

    1. You will want to cuddle them at first sight 😛 Though most of these cats are strays, they behaved quite well. No aggressive actions toward humans. Much better than the deer in Japan or the monkeys in Malaysia haha.

      1. Worse 🙂 I was chased around. One of them kept hitting me with the horns because I ran out of cookies. Fortunately, its horns are not sharp. Lesson learned: Never feed wild animals 😛

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