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10 thoughts on “Nijō Castle and a Spectacular Kimono Exhibition”

  1. The pictures are so wonderful, Len. Are guests allowed to take photographs inside the castle? How long were you stayed in Japan? How many days for Kyoto?

    1. Yes, you can freely take photos inside the castle. I don’t remember seeing any warning sign 🙂
      It was an 11-day trip, and I spent 3 days in Kyoto. But it was too short. I couldn’t see all the main attractions in Kyoto. Gion district, the Golden Pagoda and Philosophy Path are still on my list.

      1. Sorry, I was wrong. Visitors are not allowed to make photos inside the palace 🙂 One of my fellow blogger has just pointed that out. During our visit at night, we were probably allowed to enter areas where photos are not prohibited.

  2. Of course, being Japan there has to be a robot! 🙂 I really love all those bright colors and beautiful patterns of the kimono. By the way, was this exhibition held in a dedicated area within Ninomaru Palace? Or did it actually occupy the entire palace? Because when I went there in the morning I saw signs prohibiting people from taking photographs.

    1. I guess the exhibition only takes a part of the palace. I visited the palace at night, so I couldn’t tell how it looks like during the day. Perhaps we were only allowed to enter the front area where making photographs is not prohibited 🙂

  3. I’m fascinated by the mix of the traditional kimono with modern technology—very cool! The Japanese seem to have special skill in combining the old and new in such aesthetically pleasing ways.

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