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3 thoughts on “Ranthambore: In Audience with the Bengal tigers”

  1. In most photos of Ranthambore National Park I’ve seen the color tone is usually brown and the forest looks on the dry side. It’s actually very refreshing to see it very lush, although I can imagine it made tiger sighting all the more difficult. But at least you still managed to spot one! Seeing those man-made structures in the national park made me think of the people who built them. Doesn’t that mean they constructed these structures with all those wild animals lurking somewhere in the distance? Incredible.

  2. That is amazing you got to see a Bengal Tiger, Len. Great timing along with a stroke of luck. Beautiful photos of Ranthambore National Park, the greenery and waters look stunning. It seems so peaceful and it looks like the variety of wildlife are enjoying the quiet surrounds. Love the shot of the antelope. Looks like you got pretty close to it, and the monkeys too 🙂

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