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20 thoughts on “Sanssouci Palace: A Place Without Concern”

  1. I really like the interior shots that you take – they are eye-opening and genuinely quite grand. This set is no exception. Sans Souci is also a suburb in Sydney, but it’s nowhere near that palatial!

      1. Haha i hope my post did not disappoint you. Just googled San Soucci in Sydney, it looks carefee as well 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jolene! I am happy that you like them 🙂 I think I can get all these (almost) human-free shots thanks to the limited admission. You only have to share the palace with like 20-30 people who have the same time-slot as yours.

    1. Oh really? That’s smart crowd control… I’m keen to visit some museums in Europe and hope that they have that system there…

      1. I think this system is only applicable for small attractions. For bigger one like Louvre, this system probably does not work because they can control the influx but the out-flux is unmanageable.

  3. I didn’t realize that Sansoucci was so expansive and has multiple gorgeous buildings. That Chinese House sure looks exquisite. I could be “without concern” there too!

    1. Same here. I thought I only needed half-a-day, but ended up spending the entire day in Sanssouci. There are too many things to see, and they are all beautiful 🙂

  4. Shortly before the Corona lockdown, I went to Lübeck, Germany, and saw a seldom-performed opera called Montezuma, with music by Carl Heinrich Graun and words by none other than Friedrich the Great, who admired Montezuma for his fairness, tolerance and equanimity.

    1. Interesting! I know Friedrich has the soul of an artist (look at his palace). But I didn’t know that he can write the libretto for an opera. Thanks for the info 🙂

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