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15 thoughts on “Schwerin Castle: A Lakeside Fairy Tale”

    1. Then you should include this part on your next Europe trip 😉 I think Northern Germany is underrated because it doesn’t match the typical image of Germany. There is neither Oktoberfest nor the Alps. Personally, I think it looks more like the Netherlands or Denmark 🙂 But it’s still worth visiting though.

      1. Oh yes that is probably true. No one thinks about Hamburg or Bremen or cities of the north, least of all in the north eastern end!

  1. Oh my! What a stupendous castle this is! I love the eclectic architectural styles applied to this magnificent building, and in the golden hours, this surely shines. Since this castle is now used as the regional parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, I wonder if it’s similar with Austria’s parliament building in Vienna in the sense that visitors can visit some parts of the compound during certain times of a year.

    1. Thanks for your compliments, Bama! As far as I can remember visitors are not allowed wandering freely inside the palace. There is a designated route which runs through the most beautiful chambers. However, you can stay in a room as long as you like. I especially like the throne room, but it was difficult to make a human-free photo 🙂

  2. Okay now I rue not choosing Schwerin all those years ago when I was in Hamburg and dithering between Schwerin and Schleswig! Schwerin is so pretty. The palace certainly makes it worth it.

    1. Such a pity! For a romantic person like you, I think you would love this palace (and garden). Now you have a reason to go back there 😉 Perhaps a weekend trip. If I remember correctly, there are countless of flights from the UK to Hamburg each day.

      1. Now how I wish that were true, but we shifted last year across the pond. Those frequent weekend trips are now a distant dream. But hopes are always up for the future 🙂

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