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13 thoughts on “Sofitel Legend Metropole: The Grande Dame of Hanoi”

  1. What a lovely hotel! It always feels special to stay at a place with a long history, especially one that has a strong connection to the city where it is located. I can’t help thinking of those who have stayed at the same property many years ago every time I go to such historical hotel. Glad the building that is used as Sofitel Legend Metropole is still standing to this day.

    1. I must say Hanoi authority does better job in preserve the heritages than those in Saigon. Most prominent architectures and districts in Hanoi are left intact. Historic mansions and villas are often used as embassies 🙂

      1. That is exactly why I’ve been dreaming of visiting Hanoi. But so far I’ve only been to the south and central parts of Vietnam. Maybe next time when the pandemic is over.

  2. I have such a strong memory of this place Len, although I never stayed there. We have a friend who lived for a while in Hanoi and she took us to dinner at a fabulous local restaurant we would not have otherwise found. It was a huge place and we had a table outdoors next to a river. We dined royally on snake’s head fish and all kinds of vegetables, and various drinks of course. It cost us $10 each. Then we went to the Metropole for dessert. We sat at a low table in a bar, and had a dish that was chocolate sauce on chocolate and vanilla ice cream on chocolate cake with chocolate dipping sauce on the side. It has Charlie Chaplin as part of the name, and was magnificent. It also cost us $10 each 🙂

    1. The price for “Charlie Chaplin” must be doubled now 🙂 It’s indeed over the top. I guess we mainly paid for the fancy atmosphere and the prime location.

      1. Well I certainly understand enjoying the fancy atmosphere. We were there in 2010 so I’d not be surprised if the price had doubled.

  3. Such a stunning hotel! I love the architecture and the interiors… it’s modern yet historical. Love places like these… not sure it would be within my budget for a potential (and much desired) trip to Hanoi in the future. But just for one night maybe😜 Amazing photography, as always!

  4. This hotel must be a great as what you´ve described Len, otherwise it won´t land in your Blog. Lovely interiors, a heritage indeed that is worth to be shared with travellers and tourists.I would love to experience such luxury and taste those delectable foods.

    How´s their beds? I am sure they don´t have double quilts and mattresses as what we have over here! Hahah..

    1. Quite contrary 🙂 Their mattresses and pillows are very comfy. Even better than mine at home. But that’s the Opera Wing. Perhaps they still have old bed frames in the Historic Wing.

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