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59 thoughts on “Venice: An Amazing Place to Get Lost”

    1. Even GoogleMap cannot help, so I gave up on map 🙂 There were a few occasions that I walked in circle for several times before I found the way out.

    1. I was there in May, middle of May I think. Actually it was raining cat and dog just a few minutes earlier. That’s why you do not see many people on San Marco Square 😉

  1. Getting lost in Venice is one of the best things to do if you have the time when you’re there. There’s much to be discovered beyond the main tourist drag and attractions. One just has to stray off the beaten path 😉

  2. Congrats on your post and point of view about visiting Venice: as an inhabitant of the Veneto region, I can tell you did the right thing. “Dancing” around the alley is the way to visit Venice 😉

    1. You will enjoy it, especially if the weather is nice 🙂 But bring warm clothes because Venice is quite windy. The temperature might not so low but the wind will makes you feel much colder. Enjoy Venice 😉

  3. Some stunning photos here, Len. I can see why people want to return to Venice, again and again. The domes of the Piazza would be a good central point to orientate oneself, I guess?

    1. That one is easy 🙂 But it becomes a challenge when the object is smaller, for example, the water bus stop. I saw it across the canal, but couldn’t find the way to go there. That’s the mystery of Venice, I guess 🙂

    1. Thank you for your compliment! After two visits, I found it’s the best way to explore Venice. Google Map does not work very well in this maze 😀

    1. While Venice is a mad house during the day, it is literally a ghost town at night. I used to get lost in some of the dark alleys, and I must admit I was freaking out 🙂 Not a single soul around, and the only thing I heard was my footsteps.

  4. I love getting lost, especially in Venice. Maybe my fondest memories of travel are from Venice. During my first visit, it was December and foggy. I wandered the streets hearing voices carry around the canals but never seeing anyone.

    1. That sounds mysterious 😉 I didn’t experience fog in Venice, but I did walk around at night. I must say it was a bit eerie. There was absolute silence and the only sound I could hear is my footstep. After running in circle for a few times, I found my way back to the hotel 😛

  5. I am doing a travel list and itinerary…I need to go to this place asap…please Corona,enough..let us travel again!

    Great job Len…as always! Cheers.

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