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32 thoughts on “Amsterdam: A Winter Break in the Dutch Capital”

  1. Merry Xmas! I’m so excited you’ve discovered another IAmsterdam sign (no longer would we need to get up at the crack of dawn)! You have given me a lot of pointers and I’ll be sure to cram in as many as possible.
    If you don’t mind me asking – who is Master?? 🤔

      1. 😝
        Then that begs the next question – how did you get a name like Len Kagami – Master just chose it for you?

      2. I only wrote the story from the camera’s perspective. But for communication, I would prefer to do it as human 🙂 It is easier haha

        Well, I chose this name based on a popular Japanese android named Len Kagamine 🙂 My camera was produced in the same country so i took that name haha.

  2. Amazing article and beautiful photos! I was really surprised to hear that there is another IAmsterdam sign but that’s good to know when I some day in the future can visit this city. There was many interesting tips in your post so thanks for sharing them. I will definitely remember them when visiting Amsterdam 🙂

    1. My pleasure! In case you visit Amsterdam Noord, check out the observatory in A’DAM Tower. When I was there, I could barely see the downtown of Amsterdam because it was clouded in fog. But on this side of the river, I had a blue sky 🙂

    1. You welcome! I am glad that this post could help 🙂 In case you could not find the map for the Light Festival. Google Map also showed where the artworks are located. So it won’t be difficult to find them 🙂 Will you celebrate New Year there?

    1. And I could imagine how crowded it is 🙂 I prefer city trip in winter because it is most likely less crowded, and i don’t sweat while walking around. Thanks for visiting 😉

  3. Wonderful collection of shots and article! You can never take enough photos of that Amsterdam sign!

    1. You welcome! 🙂 I am glad that my post could help you plan your trip. Spring is a great time to visit Amsterdam, there could be some rains but overall it will be nice and colorful (tulips season haha). Enjoy your trip! If you have any further question, just ask. I will try my best to answer 😉

    2. If you travel to Amsterdam with children, then you should not miss NEMO 🙂 NEMO is a really interesting Science Museum, where your kids can spend the whole day in it. It is not far from the Central Station, and you can walk there by feet.

    1. It was great and the exhibition changes annually, so you might see something much different next year 🙂 The only disadvantage is the cold weather. Thanks for visiting, J

      1. Haha, I’m used to cold weather so that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.
        If you’re interested at all, I wrote my own post recently about a trip to Amsterdam too (in the Summer this time 😛).

    1. Thank you, Alison 🙂 It has been 4 years since I made those photos. I wonder how much Amsterdam has changed. This Christmas might be tough…

  4. Oh Amsterdam, the city of canals and endless rows of Bicycles. I am glad you featured the Flower market, it´s my favourite place to relax…and yes, getting lost in the labyrinth of Canals. Once you see Utrecht then you must know the difference.

    1. I bought some seeds at the flower market. But none has survived haha. I just googled Utrecht’s canal system. It certainly looks larger and more straightforward than the one in Amsterdam. It somehow reminds me of Groningen old town. Only one canal ring.

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