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49 thoughts on “Brussels and Its Architectural Treasures”

  1. Technically I’ve been to Brussels but I arrived about 3pm one afternoon & left about 9am the next morning so I didn’t see anything except my hotel room near the Gare du Midi. Plus it was raining so I honestly didn’t want to go anywhere BUT I really actually regret not heading into the central city to have a look around. Your photos just add to that regret 😀

    1. Oh, pity! But did you have any chance to try any sweet there? If not, you have a reason to go back to Belgium 🙂 Architecture is great, but their chocolate is better!

  2. We were in Brussels a few years ago. What a great city and what a charming country! In my opinion underrated and getting overshadowed by its neighboring countries.

    By the way, I nominated you for “versatile blogger award” because I think your blog is amazing.

    1. Such a shame! Bad tour 🙂 The statue is not that impressive. Tiny and hide in a corner. If there were no crowd, I could not recognize it.

      1. Thiệt 2 lúa hết sức, ở EU mấy năm mà em chưa đi HL với Bỉ đó anh, ahihi! Em đang định khoảng tháng 6 hoặc 7 xuống dưới đó nè.

      2. HL với Bỉ hè chắc là đẹp. Chứ mà mùa đông chụp lên thấy ghê à. HL thì giá cả mắc hơn ở Đức, Bỉ thì sàng sàng nên cũng ok 🙂

      3. Uh mắc hơn, nhưng mà vẫn còn rẻ hơn Norway. Nếu chỉ ở Amsterdam không thì e có thể xài vé ngày. Nhưng mà ra khỏi thành phố là e phải xài thẻ NS 🙂

  3. Great reportage, as always, Len.
    I’m not a big fan of Brussels (either of Belgium in general) but your pictures are quite interesting. You have a very positive approach 🙂

    1. Yes, it is a museum inside 🙂 Actually, you went from sphere to sphere. Each sphere has a different exhibition. At the top, there is even a restaurant. Totally cool building!

  4. Great post. Although I have been in Brussels a number of times, somehow I missed taking a more in-depth look at what the city has to offer. You have motivated me to go and try again 🙂

  5. Really beautiful shots of Brussels! My memory of the city includes getting a bit tipsy for the first time in my life after my Belgian friend swapped his beer with mine. I also remember while we were walking to a bar, a friend pointed out the French-Flemish division in the city. Did you try the fries? It was a revelation for me!

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Bama! The French-Flemish (or Dutch) division sounds really true. I have read somewhere that although everyone in Brussels speaks French. The city is surrounded by Dutch-speaking municipalities. So I wonder how they can communicate with each other? English or not communication at all?
      Obviously, French fries is a must when you are in Belgium! I tried both types: potatoes (classic) and sweet potatoes. I prefer the latter type more 🙂

  6. Thank you for these pic. The are excellent!
    I live in Brussels and I fully agree that this city is amazing. I focus more on street photography and people. In Brussels you may find so many nationalities and cultures so it is an excellent place to shoot.
    Let me invite you to my blog, where you may find the gallery of these.

    1. Honestly, I could not even find it at first 🙂 I only saw it after leaving a chocolate shop. It’s tiny and disappointing! The same goes for Mona Lisa in the Lourve 🙂 I think the museum has much more to see than just that painting.

    1. Glad that you like the post, Jasmine! Brussels architecture is indeed beautiful. But what I miss most is the sweets. They are addictive 😛

      1. I had waffles for breakfast and chocolate after every meal! 🤣 this was definitely the highlight of my trip.

  7. Everything you´ve written is now in my itinerary. Can´t wait to see it in June! Thanks so much Len, as usual, your photos and tips are very helpful.

    1. You welcome! But I must warn you it won’t be easy to pull the kid from all those sweet shops. They are seductive, even for adults 😛

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