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9 thoughts on “The Hague: Netherlands’ Royal and Political Heart”

  1. Awesome! Are you back in Europe now?
    Been to Rotterdam but never been to Hague myself but I am sure to put this on my list on our next visit. I was already eyeing on going to Scheveningen but i think it´s still so cold to lounge on the beach at this times.

    1. I traveled there in May but it was pretty cold. So wait until summer 🙂 I’m still in Vietnam. The EU haven’t issued tourist visa yet, at least for Vietnamese citizens.

  2. As an Indonesian, I grew up reading and learning about The Hague (or Den Haag as we call it here, just like how the Dutch call it) because that’s where the most important agreement between Indonesia and the Netherlands was signed — basically the colonial power acknowledging the independence of the young republic. Because of this history, I’ve always wanted to see this Dutch city for myself. A friend of mine who studied in the Netherlands once told me about Scheveningen. What I didn’t realize was it’s actually part of The Hague. Thanks for this intriguing post!

    1. My pleasure. And thanks for the brief history lesson 🙂 When was the agreement was signed in Den Haag? In the case of VN, it was 1954 in Geneva, after the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. It’s interesting to know that the same events occurred in other SEA countries. We studied about it, but not in details. I think only Thailand didn’t went through this process.

      1. I just googled about the building where the negotiations took place and apparently it was at the Ridderzaal (the Hall of Knights) within Binnenhof. The agreement itself was signed in 1949. You’re right about Thailand. They didn’t go through this because they decided to be a buffer zone between the British and the French. King Rama V relinquished his control of non-Thai lands of his kingdom: Lao-speaking and Khmer-speaking regions were handed to the French, while Malay-speaking regions to the British. This allowed the core realm of Siam to stay uncolonized by any European power.

    1. Thank you, Alison! The Hague is indeed a lovely town. And sorry for the late response. I was bedridden with COVID-19. Have a nice week 🙂

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