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56 thoughts on “Groningen: An Unexpected Discovery”

    1. Thank you! I have heard that they have the light festival or light show along the canal ring during Christmas season Maybe you can check that out too 🙂

  1. The station ceiling does seem awfully ornate!! Everywhere in Europe is like a canal city 😂
    I also like how you translate things for your Vietnamese audience, that’s very considerate and I’m sure they fully appreciate your efforts!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Actually, I got the needs of translation from my parents. They and some friends of them want to read more about the place rather than just looking at the photos. At first, I tried Google translate but it was totally incomprehensible 🙂

      1. That’s really sweet! I’m terrible, the last thing on my mind when travelling is catering to the needs of my parents 😂 Agree about Google translate. At least it keeps both your English and mother tongue sharp!

  2. That seriously a travel hidden gem like no other. I often wondered why a certain gets to be so popular, when it times the popularity are not warranted, and those less-popular don’t get the praise they deserved. Ow well, at least you don’t get to wrestle with the crowds. 🙂

    1. That’s true. I think people prefer to follow mainstream rather than to explore by themselves. Like the snow village you shot, an incredible place but I guess very few know about its existence. But it is good for us, we don’t have to wait like 20 minutes to make a photo 🙂

  3. Those brightly colored, simply designed dockside houses are calling to me…to step out the front door, coffee in hand, right into your boat.

    I think I’ll day dream on that a bit.

  4. I didn’t know that this place exists in NL! I should show this post to my husband so we can visit this place next time we visit Holland. Your photos are so enticing, I love particularly the colorful houses. I mistaken the first photo as Amsterdam :-)))
    Great post once again Len!Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi it’s been awhile since I have been to your blog and glad I did tonight. Beautiful photos and I can’t remember where you lived when you started this blog?

  6. The photographs live up to the tag of unexpected beauty. They capture the colour, the traditional and the quirky architecture so well . Loved the post!

    1. Who said minimalism only contains neutral colours 😉 This place somehow reminds me of Burano. But it’s smaller in term of scale and the houses have a different style.

  7. Indeed, not that many tourists go to Groningen. I myself only became slightly interested in this Dutch city after one of my ex-coworkers told me how much she loved it for it was where she spent her college years.

  8. Hi, Len. I’ve spent a bit of time in the Netherlands, but I’ve never traveled to G. You make a very convincing argument to go there!

    1. I was lucky with the weather. A few minutes ago, the sky was full of cloud 😛 The houses are pretty eye-catching, especially the orange one.

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