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14 thoughts on “Hue: The Royal Capital of Vietnam”

    1. Honestly, I didn’t expect Hue to be that interesting 😛 But I realised I was wrong when looking at those intricate details. It’s pretty unique!

    1. Not really 🙂 It’s a cultural hot spot just 2-3 hours drive from Da Nang. But it’s a bit inland and there is not much to do except visiting those monuments.

  1. Ảnh đẹp quá. Cô đã đi mấy chỗ này nhưng sao lúc ấy không thấy đẹp mà bây giờ thì thấy đẹp quá muốn đi lần nữa.

    1. Dạ cháu cám ơn cô Tám. Chắc lúc trước cô đi khách du lịch đông quá nên không thấy đẹp. Chứ hồi tháng trước cháu đi chỉ có chừng hơn chục người trong cả cái cung điện nên tha hồ xem. Phải công nhận là người hồi xưa tỉ mỉ thật, ngồi khảm từng mảnh sứ 🙂

    1. Thank you Virginia! Yes, I had luck with the weather. But it was pretty hot (34-35C), making the walk around the Imperial city a bit exhausting. I didn’t expect the palace was that big 😛

  2. We visited Hue many years ago Len and I was amazed at the splendor of the palaces. I found myself thinking it was a shame to spend such crazy time and money on mausoleums but you’re right, they have are truely architectural marvels showing the grandeur of days gone by. Your images are amazing

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