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11 thoughts on “Vietnamese Cuisine: The Common Rice Dishes”

  1. Like in Vietnam, rice is also the most important staple food in Indonesia. It’s so central in Indonesian cuisine there’s a saying that you haven’t properly eaten if you haven’t had rice. So no matter how full one should be after eating noodles or bread, as long as he hasn’t had rice he is still hungry. 🙂 I’m not that kind of person though, but my father was. Thanks for this really interesting post!

    1. I think I know how your father felt, Bama. There is an “emptiness” that can only be filled by a portion of rice. In my case, I can survive without rice for a few days, but not long. One week was my limit. I had to find an Asian restaurant asap 🙂

  2. This post made me really hungry. Everything looks so tasty and delicious.Growing up in Philippines also introduced me to the heaven of eating rice. When I moved to another country, I always look in the Asian store for a good bag of rice. Though we don´t eat rice now everyday, I can´t survived a week without eating it. I still feel hungry when we eat without rice …:-)
    I am happy when my daughter says that she loved eating rice as well!

    1. HAHA you are not the only one. I can only live without rice for a week. I don’t have to eat daily. But I need it at at least twice per week. Most food tastes good when pairing with rice 😛

  3. Wonderful! You make me long to return to Vietnam to try more foods. Also brought back luscious memories of meals I had there. It’s one of my fave kinds of cuisine. Good thing I’m not hungry at the moment.

    1. Haha I always save food-related posts for when I am full. And never read them after 9 PM. Glad that I can bring back some fond memories, Alsion 🙂

  4. My rice recipe repertoire (that’s a mouthful) is not large so it’s fun seeing all these interesting dishes. Hopefully I’ll get to taste them when I finally visit Vietnam.

    1. *fingers cross* I do hope that the border can be opened next year. It has been closed for nearly two years… Most of these rice dishes are pretty popular, so it won’t be difficult to get them. The only exception is xoi gac. Even now, I can’t get the ingredient for that dish (supply chain issue) 🙁

      I think you can try the Saigon-style broken rice in Canada. Many Vietnamese restaurants abroad sell them. I tried the dish in both France and Germany, they are equally delicious 🙂

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Vietnamese Rice Dishes
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