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7 thoughts on “Yen Tu: Ascending the Holy Mountain”

  1. This looks so appealing, both the landscape and the temples. Wonderful photos.
    But my favourite part of all this is the 80-yr-old woman who shows how it’s done!

    1. Indeed. Even today, I can remeber her toothless smile haha. She showed me age is just a number. Just like you and Don did 😉 By the way, sorry for the extremely late reply.

  2. Yen Tu looks very peaceful and green, perfect as a place to seek enlightenment, or to simply escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. However, the fact that there is now cable car makes me wonder if from time to time this seemingly corner of Vietnam gets crowded too, just like how Halong Bay.

    1. Sorry for the extremely late reply, Bama 🙂 Except for March (the pilgrimage season), Yen Tu Mountains are not so crowded. Some people only take the cable car to the first station and then leave. So the higher you go, the thinner the crowd is.

      1. No worries. I’m really looking forward to reading the stories from your recent trip!

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