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25 thoughts on “Da Lat: A Perfect Summer Destination”

    1. I was surprised as well 🙂 Several years ago, this place looked horrible, the hills were deserted, everywhere is full of trash, and hawkers stick to you like glue. It’s great to see that this place was finally returned to its original state.

  1. Dalat reminds me a little bit of Bandung, a city some 110 km southeast of Jakarta, which was used by the Dutch as a retreat place thanks to its cooler temperatures compared to the heat and humidity of Java’s coastal cities. It’s interesting to think that despite the hot climate the Europeans’ clothing in their tropical colonies wasn’t too different from what they wore back home.

    1. With tall hats, suits and long dresses? 🙂 Although the climate in the resort towns are cooler than the rest of the country, I guess it is still too warm to wear such things. Perhaps they wear it to show their status, or just to prevent mosquitoes 🙂

  2. I’ve heard that Dalat is also something of an adventure capital – for mountain biking, abseiling down waterfalls, and white water rafting too. It looks so laid-back and seems like the perfect place to go on a stroll or a hike. Did you get to try those newly invented fruits and vegetables? I’m curious about how they taste.

    1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try those fruits because they weren’t in season 🙁 You are right! With many mountains, forests and waterfalls nearby, Dalat is the city of extrem sports. Hiking, biking and canoing over waterfalls are the most favourites. Its cool climate is another advantage for adventurers because they won’t be dehydrated so quickly.

  3. The whole town looks so beautiful from the gorgeous setting to the houses tumbling down the hillsides to the special buildings. All your post about Vietnam make me with to return and explore more.

    1. Thanks Alison! You will be surprised by how much the country has changed for the last decades. Some changes are good, others are even more chaotic 😛

  4. Dalat from your post looks so interesting. You have written so well that it looks like we have a virtual tour of this city.
    Was that a noble yellow robe in Dinh 1? from the movies I watched nobility robes are often red but that one looks so different.The windows looks like the typical Bavarian windows!
    I was surprised to see features of a villa!

    I would love to see that farm…!

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Christina!
      Yes the yellow robe is in Dinh 1. It is the ceremonial outfit of the emperor. Most of the time, Vietnamese emperors wear golden coloured robes (like the Chinese). Red and orange are also used, but mainly for members of the royal family. Others can only wear less eye-catching colours such as green, blue, purple, etc. I think you mistook the Vienamese court outfits with the Korean 🙂

  5. Oh my God, you capture it beautifully. I’ve heard about Da Lat a few times, but never imagined that it’s very lovely. Without your brief and nice narration, I would think that it is somewhere in Europe.

    I think I should put Da Lat in my bucket list, just if I have a chance to visit Vietnam again someday 🙂

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