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6 thoughts on “Vietnamese Cuisine: Savory Pastries”

  1. I remember being so confused with all the dishes with “bánh” in their names but have no similarities in appearance at all. Thanks for clearing that up! I guess there’s no other way for foreigners than to memorize each dish’s name. Of all in this list, I’m most intrigued by bánh căn because the way it’s made looks familiar. There are some snacks in Indonesia that are cooked using similar clay vessels. Vietnamese food is so diverse, making every single trip to the country an exciting one!

    1. Good to know! The Cham and the Javanese were important trade partners. So there is no surprise to see they exchange recipe or cooking method. If you are interested in bánh căn, Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan) is your next destination 🙂 I think you can even try Cham cuisine there.

  2. Oh. you have me drooling, and remembering all the delicious food we ate in Vietnam (it’s one of my favourite cuisines), including an excellent Banh Mi.

  3. Thank you for such an informative post on Vietnamese food – sweet memories come to mind from my time there, had the pleasure to try and devour some of these. The bánh căn sounds delicious, they definitely look like dutch pancakes. I’ll be back in Vietnam next year and will try to find them!

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